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Daily Feedbag

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Whew! It's good to be back. Thanks to all who kept things lively while I was offline!

  • Matteo Bono took Stage 6 of T-A, with Andreas Kloden going three seconds clear of Kim Kirchen for the overall with one flat stage to go.
  • Paris-Nice wraps: CN has plenty of reaction, including an interesting mini-drama between Contador and Luis Leon Sanchez. Hopefully the "next Indurain" stuff will die down soon. There's still a little work to do to progress from winning Paris-Nice once to joining the five-Tour-winners' pantheon. Sheesh. VN has more reaction; the Paceline is lagging a bit but should have more behind-the-scenes stuff (one would hope). Pez is hanging at Tirreno-Adriatico instead.
  • FSA is going to have a full road gruppo available sometime in the next year! Meaning, sometime very soon you can build an entire bike made of parts originating in Washington State. I may make an exception to my Campy snobbery after all.
  • Leftover notes: CN reports Giancarlo Ferreti, DS of Fassa Bortolo fame, is about to get back in the game.