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MSR Week: Will They or Won't They?

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We kick off Milan-San Remo Week here at the Podium Cafe with a small, but rather potent, hors d'oeuvre: will Cycling.TV carry Milan-San Remo live? Update [2007-3-20 13:54:19 by chris]: YES!

For fans (and this site), live video is the bread and butter. Cycling.TV is the convenience store where we get the goods. And yet last time we went to the Versus Channel shelf, it was mysteriously empty. can be a little cryptic when it comes to the bad news, which is their right, but it makes one wonder: if their deal to show Tirreno-Adriatico on the Versus Channel fell apart at the last minute for some unspoken reason, should we feel at all secure about their promise to show MSR?

Milan-San Remo is not Paris-Nice or T-A or Het Volk... this is the first Monument of the season. Considering the second Monument, the Tour of Flanders, is the only race of any consequence not available for live viewing, it would suck to no end if the first Monument disappeared as well. No amount of second-tier Belgian races can make up for that loss.

So while we wait for smoke from the Cycling.TV tower for Saturday, if people hear of other streaming sources of live MSR video, please chime in here. I'm fairly certain one of the channels will have it... but there are several, and they don't always work in the US.