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VDS: What's At Stake

Thanks once more to the ever-creative Clydesdale, we have a tangible image signifying the glory for which 79 teams will be fighting over the next 7 months.

Even cooler, the current leader on the road will have the jersey attached to their Podium Cafe signature, like so:

by Notaero on Friday at 3pm

[This is clearly a hypothetical for demonstration purposes only.]

Overall standings will generally be adjusted on a weekly basis, rolling out Monday morning, give or take fluctuations in Clydesdale's schedule. Monday standings will include the winner of that weekend's race(s) and update the running tally. Clydesdale reserves the right to do updates during the week too, during stage races... or not. And all of this -- the standings, the list of teams, everyone's rosters, the calendar -- will be found in a special page, as soon as I have a moment to create it. Look for it in the next 24 hours in the menu box, top right sidebar, after "home/diaries/search".