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Down to the Wire with Cycling.TV

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So I just ran a battery of tests to see if there is any way to connect to Cycling.TV's Versus channel, like we're expecting to do in less than two days' time for the year's inaugural monument, Milan-San Remo. I tried the following:

  • Logging into the site and looking for the channel. No go.
  • Typing "versus" into the URL instead of "cycling" or "premium". Maybe the portal exists but they don't have the button on the main page? Nope.
  • Logging into the beta and clicking on "Versus" in the left sidebar? Error message.

So despite Anthony's well-intended assurances, right now there is no apparent way to watch Milan-San Remo on Maybe they will fix the Versus channel in time, or maybe they'll move the broadcast over into the Premium or standard portal instead. But I don't really want to consider the other possibility. I don't have RAI on the sattelite, and don't like the prospect of fighting with all of North America to log in on Eurosport.