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Daily Feedbag

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The first Monument of the season is behind us, and no one can argue that it wasn't exciting.  I can't wait for the Ronde.

When is Oscar Freire going to join the ranks of some of the all time greats?  3 Worlds, 2 M-SR.  He may be the best long-race sprinter since Zabel's run in the late 90's.  He has a Robbie-like ability to sneak in there, but he seems undaunted my the 250+km courses or tough climbs.  

Nice day yesterday, so I took the A-bike out for it's first ride.  To quote my brother it's like falling in love again.

Tip:  If you use Nokon cables, cut them just long enough, but no so long that the derailleur cables overlap.  The aluminum on aluminum makes for a nice rattle.  

I now will only drink Chimay when I feel like a beer.  Drew's subliminal advertising worked.  Reason # 383, why he might be the devil..

2 week wait for the Tour of Flanders is cruel..