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Support Bike Commuting!

In an effort led by the League of American Bicyclists and several members (with good Northwest representation!), Congress is currently considering the Bicycle Commuter Act which would give incentives to employers to make life better for their bike commuters. Spread the word! The nut graf:

The Bicycle Commuter Act would simply extend the definition of "transportation" in Section 132 (f) of the 1986 IRS code to include "bicycles." The program is voluntary. The change would provide a strong incentive to employees to bike to work, contribute to cleaner air, reduced energy consumption and many other benefits. The costs of commuting, such as lights, bike maintenance, raingear, panniers, parking (locker rental) and changing facilities, would be reimbursable under this program.

The Feds already do this (sorta), which is why I have a nice cabinet for my clothes, and two indoor bike racks at my disposal. Roads are a different story, but this is progress.