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MSR Rider Postscripts

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Apart from the inevitable Virtual Directeur Sportif coverage, it's time to turn the page on the season's first monument. This time of year the races come one after another, limiting the dwelling time. But before turning to Castilla y Leon, Criterium International, and the start of the Belgian Season (Dwars Door Vlaanderen and E3 Prijs), let's get some post-race reactions from San Remo, from CyclingNews' notes.

  • First, injury updates: David Kopp landed face-first and has a broken nose and severe swelling. Andrea Moletta got it worse, breaking his femur.
  • Boonen:
"I feel like I'm 85 years old after such a demolishing race," the Quick-Step rider told news agency belga. "But I felt great during the whole day. On the Cipressa and the Poggio, I wasn't very far behind the best. The team also performed perfectly for the task. I think we were the strongest team in the finale, but in the final sprint, Oscar Freire jumped ahead. Oh well, the best guy won. If my back had been okay, maybe there would have been a different result, but that's not an excuse. Also, I hesitated when Reynes and McEwen passed me on the right and the left just when I was about to start the sprint, but that's not an excuse either. There was nothing I could do against Freire, and I'm glad that after a fourth and eighth place I stood on the podium for the first time. That shows me that I'm ready for the rest of the spring season."
  • Petacchi:
"I wasn't up to it today. I'm still lacking power. My left leg, the one where I broke my kneecap, still hasn't the same power than my right leg. I didn't put any pressure on it for so long... I don't know how long it will take for both legs to have the same power again, but I feel that I'm not far away anymore. I'm fine during the race - the only problem is the sprint itself. It demands enormous power of my leg, which is not used to that anymore."
  • Freire:
"I decided to get behind Petacchi in the final kilometer because I knew his team would lead him out and that it was the best position," [editor's note, by chris] Ha! I knew it! Freire told Eurosport. "I had the legs, the position and even had the space to get past Petacchi, so it was a perfect sprint."