Mr. 60's non-denial denial . . .

Ok, so everybody knows that Riis denied allegations that he used epo and had a hematocrit of 64 (!!!) during the 96 TdF.

But why won't anyone point out the lameness of his "denial":

Riis, who retired in 1999 and now manages Team CSC, issued a statement Monday denying the allegations.

"I have never had a particularly close relation with Jef d'Hont and he has no validation for the allegations he is making. There will always be some one out there trying to make money by talking about the past and in my opinion that is probably, what he is trying to do here," Riis said. "This is probably not the first nor the last time these kinds of stories surface. To me, it's all in the past and I do not wish to be held accountable every time some one finds it interesting to bring up some ten-year-old story. I truly believe the future is much more important than the past. I want to be judged on the work I'm doing with my team today, and the results we achieve - that is what's important to me."

Because, if you actually read his statement carefully, it DOES NOT DENY the allegations.  Instead, it a). resorts to an ad hominem attack on the accuser and b). assumes that there's some sort of statute of limitations that means that he no longer has to "held accountable" to a ten-year-old story."  That is hardly a categorical denial.