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Het Volk Wrap


"It was ironic that Quick-Step did not win after racing so strong today. But the other teams worked hard, like Rabobank. The final sections of pavé really made the difference." Then regarding the finale he added, "Cooke did not pull in the final. And maybe Boonen was a little tired. I used a little bit of grinta (force) and it worked out." How did the sprint go for you? "I went long," he quipped. And now do you consider yourself a contender for the Ronde Van Vlaanderen? "I hope so, I don't know. It will surely be a difficult course but I will do what I can to win, but it will be hard."

Winners: Rabo, CSC, Liquigas, Cofidis.  The former two teams must be pleased with their depth for the classics, watching their workhorses do so well. The latter two must be pleased with their offseason spending.

Losers: Disco and You're Preg-Lotto, non-factors the last 20km. At least Lotto launched Roesems... Disco disappeared. Hincapie's injury means time to regroup, and they haven't done that yet. QS too: Boonen can't be faulted after doing so much work and  drawing so much attention. But where were his mates?

What say ye? Great race...