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Daily Feedbag

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Your daily feedbag... still not daily.

  • Tour of Flanders announces wildcards: Landbouwkrediet, Chocolade Jacques, Wiesenhof, Skil-Shimano and Tinkoff.
  • No time for a preview now, but the Vuelta a Murcia kicks off tomorrow. Aside from the official website, you might be interested in the start list (Kashechkin, Valverde, Zubeldia, Napolitano, Menchov, Sastre, Gomez Marchante, Cancellara...).
  • Great Pippo Pozzato feature at CN, detailing his intelligent little triangulation exercise in the finale of Het Volk. When a guy comes from the back and wins, there's often griping about "he didn't deserve it," but I've yet to hear anything but praise for Pippo's ambush. Maybe he did his share of work in the chase. Or maybe because the finale consisted largely of ex-QSI teammates.
  • Obviously there's a lot of big news out there today, but none bigger than the Pro Tour/Grand Tour detente. Face it, Scooter Libby will be forgotten someday... but will Paris-Nice? OK, national security isn't that funny. Anyway, we've been flogging the deal since yesterday, but you can find coherent, full-length coverage from CN, or VN. Not surprisingly, Unibet isn't celebrating the peace.
  • Those geniuses over at Pez seem to make a living (suppressing envy) of following the great races, including Het Volk and KBK. "From rainy start to sudsy finish..." begging the question, what percentage of Pez articles have a sudsy finish? O/U is around 92%. Anyway, Ed Hood has a knack for truly informative photos and worming his way into team buses for coffee.
  • VN profiles Sammy Sanchez: Tour contender. Not sure what to make of it. First, he's not that young. Secondly, his ITT results in the Vuelta last year were 2:33 down at Cuenca, and second place in the final ITT to Vino. Was he not riding to win in the first one? Sanchez comments that his climbing is what needs work. Typical Spanish Cyclist...
  • Are you so bored you might want to watch Discovery Channel propaganda? [Kidding, Ellie.] Try Paceline TV.
  • On the blog front, Cosmo is back in the saddle, full time. Head on over if you were wondering why Cycling bears a troubling resemblance to James Bond.