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Vuelta a Murcia Stage 1

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Apparently Ganador Rojas pipped Danilo Napolitano and JJ Haedo to win the opening stage of the Vuelta a Murcia. Information is a little hard to find just yet, but if you go here and click on the Union Jack next to the word peliculas, you get a race ticker that says:

km.166.1  Crashfull ending of the Tour de Murcia first stage. winner ROJAS(62)segond NAPOLITANO(35) y third HAEDO(78)

km.165.5  VANHESWICH(17) crashes

km.162  VAN HEESWIJK(17) breaks away the first group

km.159  Valverde leads the first group. the second is 2' behind and the third at 3'05"

So Max Van Heeswijk apparently went down, though it's not clear from "crashfull finish" who else he took with him. It's not cool to read that the group included Valverde. Hopefully it's nothing much. Stay tuned.

Andy Hood has the first Murcia Preview among the big media.