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Techs-Mechs: North American Hand Made Bicycle Show

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I love steel bikes as much as anyone, in fact I race on one (not well, but it's not the bikes fault).  I also have a spot in my heart for beautiful lugged steel frames (Chris' and my grandfather was a welder, and a creative one at that, plus we're of Italian descent).   Naturally I was interested in the photo shoot over at of the NAHMBS.  
I enjoy tradition, but if I'm taking out a home equity loan and waiting two years or more for a bike, it better come in at 16lbs, sprint like a cheetah, corner Like a 911 Turbo and climb like a scalded monkey.  There's a reason why steel forks, quill stems and Brooks Saddles went the way of the Mood Ring (sorry TC).

Still, the passion displayed by these artisans cannot be denied.  Dario Pegoretti has a racing frame-building background, and his Scandium Love #3 although not a fly weight is made for power transfer and cornering.  The work of Sasha White of Vanilla cycles is breathtaking and Richard Sachs and Peter Mooney will always have a backlog of orders as they take painstaking steps for perfection.  You don't need to know the difference between fillet brazing and tig welding to enjoy the displays.  Even if you can't see yourself dropping a few grand on a 6+ lb frameset it's worth a look.

Check out the head tube of Waterford..