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UCI Releases Anti-Doping Plan

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At last, the smoke from the tower... Details are emerging from Eurosport, for starters, but the plan apparently includes:

  • Random urine and blood testing, with an emphasis on detecting EPO, any time including the offseason;
  • Establishing a blood profile for every rider (spelled d-n-a);Update [2007-3-9 17:54:20 by chris]: VN's version says this is hormone and blood profiling for selected riders, not everyone. And the point is to establish a baseline. But why just "selected riders"? And why DNA "if necessary"?
  • Teams will chip in the one million euros needed, with greatest contributions from the Pro Tour squads (30k each), something the Pro Tour teams apparently have already approved;
  • Heavier sanctions for violations... I think this means team sanctions too but it doesn't say; and
  • A surveillance committee made up of neutral parties to oversee implementation.

This sounds like a pretty decent outline, at least from the perspective of the UCI who haven't the power or money to do much more. Update [2007-3-9 17:54:20 by chris]: The VN piece says the program was copied from T-Mobile's. They're still the leaders in this fight...