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Sunday Feedbag

The racing is coming fast and furious now. So too is the news. In a separate thread, probably tomorrow, we'll round up the rider quotes. For now:

  • Nothing changes in Belgium these days... first Boonen wins a ridiculous fourth straight E3 Prijs, then comes Oscar Freire to nab his third straight Brabantse Pijl title, in a six-man sprint over Nick Nuyens and Kim Kirchen. Freire stays a step ahead of Boonen in the early rider of the year returns... and Rabo continue to win everything in sight.
  • Even though you all saw it coming, CN's April Fool's notes are still pretty amusing. Especially the innovative proposal to make Paris-Roubaix interesting.
  • As April Fools stuff goes, this might be the best.
  • Back to the serious... I think: the Tour of California wants to add an uphill 17km time trial. The fact that the slope in question is often snowbound in Feb makes me wonder whether this is more April 1 fodder... or if the Amgen folks are eyeing another calendar slot.
  • Lance does what he does best: stumping for cancer. I've been wondering when he and Elizabeth Edwards would be featured in the same story, if only because the Edwards campaign seems (I think) to be using their name the wway Lance does: to go on offense.

Don't miss the Horner reality TV story linked below!