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Gent-Wevelgem Previews & Media

There's no need for me to get all redundant and start describing the G-W course and who might be there. But I can compile some useful info in support... and point you to our Favorites Wiki for the real inside look.

  • The latter shows what a home affair this has been. In a sense, G-W is arguably the quintessential Flemish race in that it really just rewards guys who can grind through the wind and over the cobbles, as opposed to de Ronde's emphasis on climbing as well. Anyway, in 1977, Bernard Hinault won the race, ahead of Vittorio Algeri (Ita) and Piet Van Katwijk (Ned) -- the first all-foreign podium. Prior to that, only 12 foreigners had ever finished on the podium (3 wins)... in 38 years and 114 podium spots of racing.
  • Cycling Fever with the up-to-the-minute startlist.
  • Some fun reading out there: Pez interviews Nico Mattan, including asking him about his controversial G-W win in 2005. They also have a nice man on the street coverage from last year. One theme I've seen in several places is how fans get unprecedented access to mingling with riders beforehand. No argument with that.

I'll stop there for now. Cycling.TV with the call in the AM. See y'all then!