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Podium Club Special: Motor Tabs Hydration Supplement!

Another great offer from our friends at Podium Cycles...

Podium Cycles would like to offer Podium Café members a MOTOR TABS supplement special.

Motor Tabs have long been a house favorite. These effervescence tablets are extraordinarily effective, taste great and, best of all, PORTABLE. Drop a few individually rapped tabs in your pocket for the next epic trail or pave experience, and at the next watering hole add it to the bottle. Motor Tabs dissolve easily and don't leave that bottle-funking sludge or residue.

Get 'em now for (roughly) 25% off retail! On the flip:

The Skinny:

  • $22.00 per box - (retail price $27.95)
  • 24 tablets per box
  • Available flavors: Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, and Orange

To order, email, or call 888-PODIUMC-ycles

This is a Podium Café members exclusive and is not (yet) offered on the Podium Cycles website.

Read more on MOTOR TABS:

MOTOR TABS<sup>TM</sup> Fluid Replacement System - a revolutionary effervescent electrolyte/energy tablet - turns ordinary water into a smooth, refreshing sports drink. Wrapped individually in water/air tight foil packets, the tablets are protected from sweat, dirt & other harmful elements.  It's simple:  just drop a tab into your water bottle, it dissolves and you drink!!

Using MOTOR TABS before, during & after exercise is as easy as finding water! Since fluid intake requirements vary based on training intensity, sweat loss rate & temperature, most athletes prefer 1, 1½ or 2 tablets for every 20 fl. oz. of water. Each athlete is different so it's highly recommended that you experiment to find your favorite tablet/water combination. MOTOR TABS relies on an optimal ration of sodium/potassium & a unique blend of three energy sources (dextrose, sucrose, maltodextrin), providing a well-rounded array of ingredients. MOTOR TABS restores your body's electrolyte balance & provides a solid energy platform to help you stay hydrated and maintain peak performance throughout your training, racing or exercise sessions.

Each tablet delivers 250mg of sodium, 75mg of potassium, 16 grams of carbohydrate and 65 calories. Once the tablets dissolve there is no sediment or residual settling, as dissolution is thorough & complete. Cleaning your bottles, reservoirs & hydration systems is quick & easy as well, leaving more time for your favorite sport!

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