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Podium Cafe Weekly Pro-File: Jakob Piil

T-Mobile's Jakob Piil is the subject of this week's Pro-File.  The 33 year old Danish cyclist has been a member of the pro peleton since 1997.  He joined T-Mobile this year, but the majority of his career was spent with CSC (2000-2006) where he was known for his go-for-broke style.

Jakob's palmares include 16 career wins, including a stage in the 2003 Tour De France and Paris Tours in 2002.  He also won the USPRO Championship in 2000.  Before joining the pro road scene Jakob spent the first six years of his career as a track cyclist, specializing in 6-day events.

Piil should add some veteran leadership to the young T-Mobile squad and he views this year as a comeback year after a lackluster 2006 which found him left off the squad for all the major tours.  His 2005 season ended with a collision with a team car in Züri-Metzgete.  This crash left Jakob with two fractures in his left hip requiring a metal plate to secure the bone.

I have followed his career for some time (it's hard not to since he gets a lot of camera time in his customary position in the lead group) but really grew to appreciate him more in the movie "Overcoming".  I enjoyed his acerbic wit but was also moved by a his support of his friend Carlos Sastre, while dealing with a family tragedy.   Jakob is recharged and hungry for results in 2007.  Look for him in a breakaway near you.