Tour de Georgia Starts Today

The Tour de Georgia, a seven stage race ably outlined by Clydesdale here, starts at 1pm EDT. No television coverage to speak of, but the Adobe Tour Tracker may be a decent substitute. Find it here. (I hope this site holds up better than the race site, which seems to be overwhelmed at the moment.)

Today's 97 mile stage starts in Peachtree City* (just south of Atlanta) and heads south to Macon. It's an overall downhill run, and if I'm remembering the route correctly, it should be very fast.

The press conference from Saturday was available on the TdG site, but, well, nothing's available at the moment. They do promise daily podcasts at this url. Might be worth checking out later on, after the tech mess is sorted.

*A planned community that spends most of its time worrying about the licensing of golf carts. It's a tough life, there.