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Amstel Gold Favorites Wiki!

[editor's note, by chris] reposted... are people not into this format? Let me know.

Only this time, thanks to a partnership between the Podium Cafe and Cyclocosm, or at least thanks to Cosmo for understanding how to actually do this, it's a real wiki.

Check it out!!

The basics, for people who don't mess with MediaWiki for a living:

  • You can edit entries yourself, rather than making comments and waiting for me to cut and paste. However, DO NOT erase the work of others; just add your own. Honor system here -- I asked Cosmo to remove the login requirement for ease of use, assuming nobody would try to edit someone else's work. Grazie.
  • When adding text to a listed name, please drop your name/handle in parens (chris) like we'd been doing. All you do is click on "edit" to the right of the rider's name and start typing in the text box below any existing entries. And feel free to contradict or add to whatever entries are already up... the point is to get the range of opinions, not one single consensus one. Save the page when you're done.
  • Not that many names are there yet, but it's incredibly easy to add a new name to the list. Click on the edit tab above the title and enter a new name at the bottom in this format:

==Alejandro Valverde==

Easiest way to do this is cut-and-paste from an existing one and change the name. Then save the page.

  • Really, it's very easy, try it out, and don't worry about messing anything up, it can all be fixed. There's a tutorial in the left sidebar on how to edit for more info.

Have fun!