Tour de Georgia: Into the Mountains (starts noon EDT)

Ivan Stevic (Toyota-United) surprised many (including the announcer, who kept saying "Ivan Dominguez!") for the win yesterday, beating JJ Haedo (CSC) in a sprint finish. Fred Rodriguez (You're Preggers) took third.

This stage didn't do anything to change the top end of the GC standings (Contrini, Ollerenshaw, and Day remain 1-3), but with a good swath of the field within a minute and a half of Contrini, I imagine we'll see a complete rearrangement today.

Contrini continues in the leader's jersey, but the rest of them change hands (or are worn for the first time). Ivan Stevic picks up the sprint jersey, Ben Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health) shows off the KOM jersey for the first time in the race, Austin King (Jittery Joe's) earned the Most Aggressive Rider jersey . And John Devine (USA Nat'l Dev.) gets the Best Young Rider jersey.

Stage Three leaves Rome at 12p, and heads straight north to Chattanooga, Tennessee. At 118.2 miles, it has four King of the Mountain climbs at Fouche Gap, Hwy. 48, Hwy. 136, and Burkhalter Gap. There's also a sprint line in Summerville (which comes after Fouche Gap). Map of the course here, and profile here.

(Assuming that the Tour Tracker coverage's primary problem today will be signal availability (and that's a bit of an assumption, I'd say), things should improve enough for decent coverage somewhere around the third climb.)