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Amstel Gold '07 Preview: Some Resources

We've got two separate threads on race favorites and a third on strategies, so I'll make this a roundup of other info.

  • Get your AGR History! You probably know that its 1966 birth makes the AGR the youngest of the classics, and provokes a certain snobbery amongst the more storied races. Well, tough shit... Holland deserves a classic, and this is a terrific course. Anyway, Wikipedia has all the details on the Netherlands' national race, including problems with militant hippies and the marriage of the Queen's daughter. Pez also has a new piece up highlighting some classic editions.
  • As for those hills... the official race map has a nice inset of the race profile. Missing, though, is a list of the climbs with some stats. In the last 25km the riders will climb the Gulperberg, Kruisberg, Eyserbosweg, Fromberg, Keutenberg and Cauberg. Stats or no, Pez rode the hills last year and gives an excellent flavor of the course.
  • And as for the riders, CyclingFever is all over it... both Schlecks, Voigt, Kroon, Horner, Bettini, Francisco Perez Sanchez, Valverde, Luis Leon Sanchez, Sammy Sanchez, Ricco, Gomez Marchante, Moreau, Chavanel, Nuyens, Haussler, Rebellin, Schumacher, Sinkewicz, Rogers, Kirchen, DiLuca, Astarloa, Zabel, Dekker, Freire, Boogerd, Flecha, Devolder, Gusev, Popovych, Wesemann, and others...
  • And it's all live on starting Sunday at 8am EDT/5am PDT!