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VDS Leader's Jerseys Are In!

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So I just picked up the long-awaited package from the PO on the way in, and boy do these jerseys look fab! In case you forgot, the leader of the Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif competition at certain junctures of the season will be given an actual jersey to use as they see fit, until the next juncture when (presumably) it goes to a new leader. A few notes:

  • Change in plans: I had intended to rotate the jersey after each grand tour, but that's disrespectful of the Classics and the VDS classic-oriented teams. Instead, the first VDS Leader's Jersey will be awarded after Liege! The holder can keep it til the Tour, with the final rotation at season's end.
  • Jerseys will be awarded to the leader, on the sole condition that the DS agrees to send it back to me on time. If you can't do this or aren't interested in the jersey, you're free to decline... we aren't into creating obligations here.
  • The jersey isn't a faberge egg... whoever gets it should feel free to wear it, not worry about crashing or getting dirty, etc. Right now we have two (with a third going to Clydesdale for obvious reasons), and will likely order a few each year. They can be washed, stitched, and replaced. Enjoy the status of Top DS while you can!
  • Each holder of the jersey should feel free to personalize it in some tasteful way, if you want. I'm thinking, stitching in your name or initials, sewing on a patch, whatever... as long as it's going to hold up OK (i.e., don't sign in ink that's going to run). Over time, I think the jersey would look awfully cool. I have a Scudetto for if/when Va Fa Napoli ever takes over. Maybe 2009.

Update [2007-4-27 15:9:48 by chris]: Thanks to our sponsor (see comments), we should have a handful of additional jerseys. Winners of the grand-tour-only competitions and the overall season-long competition will receive VDS jerseys they can keep!

Personally, I'm rooting for Fahrradrennen this weekend so I can send Ruthann the Women's jersey and wear the men's XL for a few months...