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The Podium Cafe Video Library

Hi All,

Taking a quick break from Flanders build up, I wanted to run this idea past people and see what they think.

A few of us have been clandestinely swapping race videos over the past 6 months or so (spearheaded by Ruthann), and I wanted to get some opinions on setting up a lending library on the site. I feel safe in saying that there are more than a few of us who have VHS and DVDs of such big races as the Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta, Paris Roubaix, Flanders, Amstel Gold, LBL, and the like. I know for a fact we're also covered for documentaries of teams (Overcoming, Hell on Wheels), older riders and races (A Sunday in Hell, Stars and Watercarriers), and even World Championships and Cyclocross coverage. What would people think about putting them out there for others to see?

My idea is a simple spreadsheet that would include a member's name, email address, and list of what races they have and in what format. If someone wanted to 'rent' say, the 1999 Ronde from me, they could email me to give me their address and I would UPS or Fedex it out soon there after. The renter agrees to pay for shipping costs sending it back or onto the next renter if there's a queue for it. The nice thing about using Fedex or UPS is the package can be tracked and is insured in case of loss or damage. You could rent more than one video at a time as well to save on shipping costs. If certain videos are in high demand I would only ask that people watch them in a timely fashion so they can be passed onto the next person in line.

I know that there is a great deal of trust involved in this endeavor, as it would be pretty easy to simply keep the video and never answer email inquiring about it. But I also feel very strongly that we have an excellent community here and it's worth the risk. Besides, with so many members in so many different places there might be another member in the vicinity who could 'drop by' to collect any errant videos :-)  For example, it would be easy for me to drive to Van P's house and help him find the 1992 World Championships if he forgot to send them along to the next person. Yes, very easy indeed.......

So first off, I'd like to know if people are interested. Secondly, suggestions on improving on the idea. Once we have some input Chris and I can take care of the rest. So have at it.