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Basso Takes One For the Team?

Sorry, I'm chasing the news today after yet another travel adventure. Anyway, you probably already read in the diaries (now posts) that Ivan Basso asked Discovery Channel to let him out of his contract, which Disco have obliged. Angry reaction to his suspension after Puerto flared up again? Not even close:

"The team is trying to find a new sponsor and win bike races, and my situation is a distraction to both of those goals. It is important that everyone knows this was 100% my decision. Nobody asked me to leave. I am grateful to all of the staff and riders and wish them the best of luck."

Yeah, I know press releases aren't known for candor, but if this checks out, big ups for Basso. On the other hand, he just officially destroyed my VDS team. And yes, I know it doesn't mean he's not guilty.