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And on the 75th day...

they rested. Whew! Cobbles season is over, and while that's a wee bit sad, for this blogger it represents a chance to take a break from non-stop race coverage. Yes, we'll be all over the Tour de Romandie, but by weeks end we'll be gearing up for the second-best race of the year, the ever-enchanting and wide-open Giro d'Italia. The site will go rosa, Sherlock will be in overdrive, and if you don't know who Dino Buzzati is yet, you will... I promise that.

Anyway, today should be the day we receive the long-awaited results as to where the first leader's jersey gets mailed, and I'll be ringing in the occasion by fleeing from all electronic communication until about 10pm. Pete, Drew, please promote the VDS results and anything else of interest. Ciao!