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Mayor: Make Seattle Best Biking City In the World!

To most of you this will be mildly amusing at best, but I think I might cry.

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels this morning released an ambitious bicycle master plan, which he hopes will triple the number of city residents who pedal to work.

"The goal is simple: to make Seattle the best bicycling city in the nation," he said, standing along a trail at north Beacon Hill.

The city has earmarked $27 million for trails, bike lanes and safety projects from the $365 million, nine-year "Bridging the Gap" property-tax levy for transportation that voters approved last fall.

Cycling advocates, including leaders of the powerful Cascade Bicycle Club, worked alongside city planners in choosing scores of projects in nearly all sections of town.

The first improvements, through 2009, will include 53 miles of pavement markings to encourage cars and bikes to share a road lane; 37 miles of new bike lanes; a bike-and-pedestrian bridge at Thomas Street near Seattle Center, and two miles of trails.

IMHO, Portland (OR) is the best biking city I know of, but my knowledge of life between the coasts is sketchy, and anyway, the title is hard to award since what's possible in New York versus Ames, Iowa can't fairly be compared. Still, it's a worthwhile goal and can only mean things will improve, including the receipts of my primary sponsor Ti Cycles. And I like the phrase "powerful Cascade Bicycle Club," for all that implies.