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Flanders Wrap: What People Are Saying

From CN, VN, etc... this is a work in progress, more coming. Feel free to add in some juicy or useful quotes. Update [2007-4-9 13:13:44 by chris]: Updated!

Alessandro Ballan

I was confident we were going to not get caught by the others. We collaborated well without speaking about it. We worked together until the final kilometer, then we made our race. I gave everything on the Grammont and Hoste didn't do much work in the final kilometer, but I was able to overtake him in the final kilometers.
Update [2007-4-9 13:13:44 by chris]: CN now has a full interview with the winner posted. Tom Boonen
I slipped on some wet pavement that the firemen had sprayed with a hose. I immediately felt pain in my wrist and both knees. That cost me later in the race. I tried to attack but my legs were cooked. In this race, unless you're 100 percent, the others make you pay. When I am strong, I can go up the climb with anyone. Today, the strongest were ahead and I wasn't able to follow.

Leif Hoste

I still feel so bad, not only for myself, but also for my team... [Quick Step] are the big losers. This was the best time of the three instances that I became second. Yes, I know I gotta get over it. I'll have to get some drinks tonight. Tomorrow, it won't be forgotten, but tomorrow, we'll look to the future again.
[editor's note, by chris] Attaboy...

Fabien Cancellara

It's normal that Steegmans didn't pull. This is just another experience, just something I tried ... but it was harder than I thought. It motivates me as it was a totally new experience. Nobody ever heard me say that I needed to win this race; I only needed this race to be ready for next week [Paris-Roubaix].

Karsten Kroon

My attack on the Muur came on sour milk. I gave the maximum I could to get to Ballan and Hoste. The gap was small - one moment of hesitation in front would have been enough, but unfortunately that did not happen. Verdomme, I was so close... In the end, I'm still happy that I became fourth here. That does say something about my form.

Gert Steegmans

I had a leaking tyre at a really bad moment. I was the last rider of the bunch to arrive at the top. I had to chase until the Eikenberg. But I couldn't take turns, I was so knackered. After the Eikenmolenberg, Cancellara took it out a bit and I was able to lead a few times. It was a pity that they reeled us in just before the [Muur]; by then it was all over for me... Cancellara was upset that I didn't pull through, but to be honest he was going so hard, I couldn't. It wasn't until he started to tire some 10 kilometers later that I was able to take some pulls. He was very strong.