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Our First VDS Leader's Jersey!

Congrats to Swedish Steel and DS Jens, who will hold the eye-catching jersey pictured above until sometime around the end of the Tour de France, when we will pass it on to the next leader... assuming one of the Tour teams can overhaul the Steel. While there have been several leaders and a tight competition thru the classics, Swedish Steel has been on top more often than not, and makes for a worthy leader at the first turn.

I am about to order another brace of the jerseys posted above. While they signify the competition leader, I don't see anything overly exclusive about them... so if you want to buy a jersey, let me know. The pricing drops by 40% if we get another eight orders. I test-rode one of them, and can assure you... that merino wool is WARM and cozy.

And no, that's not me pictured above.