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Il Giro: The Media

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Some fun places to look over the next few weeks...

  • The Official Site is relatively fun and interesting... but there's something telling about the lack of English available. Is the #2 race in the world actually an international event? Anyway, if you can muddle through in Italian (Spanish speakers?), you can enjoy:
  • Staying close to home, the official sponsor, La Gazzetta dello Sport, has a special Giro news section, which is only partly about Basso, to go along with its regular cycling coverage, which is entirely about Basso. N.b., their stage details cover every stage, not just the interesting ones.
  • RAI, the state TV network, has a Giro section on its site, and hopefully will pony up some video clips along the way.
  • On the net, we may have lost our when Gregor joined forces with CyclingNews (so not a loss, really), but Italy has its own CN and VN, namely TuttoBiciWeb and CicloWeb. Open Sherlock and enjoy internet coverage straight from the source.
  • Oh, and Italians do blog, albeit slowly, mostly about soccer, and entirely in Italian.