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Sacchetto del Giorno

Update [2007-5-10 19:26:33 by chris]: I've reordered several pieces so all of our preview stuff is together. Hope it's not too terribly confusing.

Coupla quick links. As Cosmo points out, Giro previews are coming out of the woodwork.

  • Il Professore Wilcockson is back! No word on his extended silence -- maybe he secretly hates the classics? -- but in addition to the generic preview part of the job, he adds some historical perspective.
  • DailyPeloton is going team-by-team in its preview... just like Elvisgoat!

Oh, and the countdown has a new function. BTW, this may sound bad, but I'll actually be up in the mountains all weekend and will miss the opening day's coverage. At least Sunday's will have already been ruined delayed by Versus, so I'll catch it when we get back. We'll have Live threads, but there won't be much to do until Monday regardless.