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Breaking: Giro Fashion Alert!

Nobody seems to have a picture yet, but Paolo Bettini's dream of the most garish cycling jersey in history may be about to come true.

Bettini, who is also the current Italian Champion, will line up with the number 1 on the back of a specially designed jersey. The UCI has given him permission to wear a World Champion jersey with a tricolore (red, white and green) boot of Italy on the front. There were only ten of the jerseys made and three will be auctioned on the internet for charity.

This should go well with the gold helmet and shoes, and give him extra motivation to claim the maglia ciclamino once again, a dark pink background being perhaps the only way to improve on that perfection. No word on his request to wear every medal he's ever won around his neck for the opening team time trial, or on Davide Rebellin's recommendation to have Bettini made into a living trophy and placed on display at the Museo del Ghisallo.