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A question of etiquette?

I've been mulling over Danilo DiLuca's apparent aggravation with his teammate Enrico Gasparotto,passing him on the line to take the first pink jersey. My initial thought was Danilo shut your cake hole. You should throw a bone to the guys that will be sheltering you from the wind and lugging bottles for you for the next few weeks.
I have grown accustomed to the Lance/Disco/Postal model of some kind gestures in return for all out effort later. Of course there's a big difference between a 7 time TDF champ like Lance and an Ardennes-guy-turned-GC-hopeful like the Killer.

DiLuca is the star of the team, and the Liquigas/Cannondale poster boy, trying to pad the palmares (for himself and the guys that pay his check)as he hits the north side of 30. He's put in the hard work in his career, had the results and now he's trying to win the national tour. Maybe he was justified in his reaction. Thoughts?