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Preemptive Floyd Landis Hearing Post

Yes, today is a big day off the bike, as evidenced by this NYT article, and VeloNews will be there to bring you coverage as things unfold. But here's what you most need to know today:

The arbitration hearing at Pepperdine is expected to last 10 days, with each side calling witnesses, who can in turn be cross-examined by the other side.

In other words, short of lab people tearfully admitting faking the samples on the stand, it's not likely there will be anything resembling news for a while. So, talk about it if you must. Is anyone in the Malibu area? Care to stop by and report on the matter?

Update [2007-5-14 20:22:5 by chris]: ESPN, showing it loves all aspects of Cycling, from Operacion Puerto to Landisgate, has full coverage of today's action. Apparently the overflow room had plenty of open seating. Anyone??