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Sacchetto del Giorno

  • The Milram site is predictably jubilant today. I wonder if those kits are still priced to move? Also, if doesn't work properly, or if you're just missing the sport tomorrow, maybe it's time to fire up the Milram Movie.
  • And if you're really at the end of the line, you can always go here and watch live streaming of Floyd's hearing. May I recommend a second window for watching paint dry?
  • So if I understand this from Pavel Brutt correctly, Tinkoff will be riding hard only on Sundays? So much for the bible.
  • Charly Wegelius: DiLuca v. Gasparotto was a nothingburger. Stop by Pez for the usual taste of cycling they regularly provide.
  • The IHT has completely jumped the shark. Since they're re-posting the Times doping coverage, it looks like this headline summarized their editorial strategy. I now refuse to link to them. Oh, and the answer to the question? ..I..
  • The Daily Peloton has reverted to rephrasing the entire Giro d'Italia in terms of ham.
  • Oh, and Update [2007-5-14 20:26:32 by chris]: h/t to Markk and Lyne for catching that both Simoni and Cunego were involved in that last km crash today... but both were OK.