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Daily Feedbag

Sorry I haven't lifted a finger for the Tour de Romandie yet. It's a rare occasion that the Podium Cafe falls asleep on a Pro Tour event, especially one that is as much fun as this. I'll plead depletion... and the need to recharge for the Giro. Nevertheless, we'll make sure there are live threads available for the remaining stages, will reflexively promote all diaries analyzing the race, and will try to watch when the real race gets going. As for now...

  • If I had to follow one race a year by bike, it might be this one. No word yet on how many points will be awarded the first rider to kiss Kelly's ring in Carrick-on-Suir.
  • Why does the subject of doping cause otherwise reasonable people to act like, well, dopes? Bob Stapleton's suggestion that ASO should sue OP riders to force DNA samples is doubly foolish in my book. First off, feeding ASO ideas like this is akin to giving skittles to a hyperactive three-year-old. [Not that we've ever done that.] Secondly, I really don't see how you can force DNA samples. In discovery (e.g. evidence gathering)? Sticking needles into people has slightly different implications than, say, asking for copies of their emails. As a remedy? No way... the Tour is a private organization free to do business with whomever they choose, so the obvious remedy is for ASO to exclude suspect riders.
  • How is Copenhagen a certified UCI Bike City and Seattle isn't? Well, OK, the potholes. And the crappy bike lanes. And the police giving bikers tickets for failure to stop on the Burke Gilman trail...
  • VN: Discovery will rely on Yaro-Pop for the Giro. Is there a non-Italian contender anywhere on the horizon? More on this later. As for their original choice, Pez's official Italian, Alessandro Federico, surveys opinion around Italy on whether we'll ever see Basso again.