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Breaking: Zabel and Aldag Confess!

Erik Zabel and Rolf Aldag, two former T-Mobile riders, met the media at a press conference in Bonn today and confessed to having taken EPO during the 1990s. Zabel said he tinkered with the drug in the first week of the 1996 Tour, but found the effects unnerving and stopped. Zabel won stages 3 and 10 of the 1996 Tour, taking home the maillot vert for the first time in his illustrious career.

Aldag confessed to continued doping from 1995-1999, though his palmares include only minor tour stage wins. However, he retired from Cycling in 2006 and is a DS of the newly redesigned, anti-doping T-Mobile squad, a position made tenuous by his admission.

VeloNews isn't responding at the moment, but watch the video on German TV. Also, since it's doping, look for stories at ESPN, CNN and the cover of the NY Times.