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May the Best Man Win

One aspect of this Giro I find very compelling is how no rider's specialty seems to have much influence on the overall classification. If you look at the top of the leaderboard, there is nobody who has leveraged a huge advantage in either of the two main disciplines (climbing and time trialling) to a place in the GC that they might not back up. The race will probably be won in the mountains, specifically on the Zoncolan: thus far, the flat, 43km Verona time trial scheduled for next Saturday doesn't have much potential to lift one of the lesser climbers up to the top of the GC. Of the main contenders, only Andy Schleck is considered a time triallist (along with second-placed Bruseghin, who figures to drop back after working for Cunego in the coming climbs). But Schleck lost a few seconds to DiLuca -- not a noted time triallist -- today because DiLuca is strongest right now.

For once, we have a Grand Tour which will be decided by who is stronger, and who can keep going without blowing up as the lactic acid flows faster and faster. This is a far more human spectacle that the almost pre-programmed rides pitting pure TT specialists winning one day and pure climbers another, with the big prize going to whomever's discipline took up more of the parcours.