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Sacchetto del Giorno

Excellent racing today, though I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it one of the most exciting stages ever as VN does. Still, it continues the trend of spectacular action in this Giro, and further sets up tomorrow as the year's epic clash (so far).

  • Gilberto Simoni stamped his trademark all over this race, from the audacious uphill attack to the whiny complaint at the end. This time, a moto supposedly lifted Stefano Garzelli past him in the last 50 meters. Couldn't possibly have been Simoni's fault for stalling out at the line. I am back to vehemently rooting against him.
"Simoni might have spent more energy than Cunego and me and it's possible that he'll pay for it tomorrow," DI Luca said. "But he also has taken 50 seconds back. I'm not anxious about that. I still have a comfortable margin on him (2.42). I can even lose one or one and half more minutes on the Tre Cime and the Zoncolan (climbs) but I want to keep a one minute advantage before the (final) time trial in Verona the day before the finish in Milan because Simoni and I are pretty much equal against the clock. I keep thinking that Simoni is the number one favorite in this Giro d'Italia.  Tomorrow, he'll attack again."
  • What of the Kid? Cunego missed the Simoni move, and also faded when DiLuca accelerated in the last 3km. Still, he says his form is improving, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if Marzio Bruseghin can follow the climbers tomorrow, his time trialling might move him to the Lampre captaincy...
  • As for tomorrow...

    The stats:
  • Passo San Pellegrino: 11.8km, 6.?% avg, 14% max
  • Passo Giau: 9.8km, 9.4% avg, 14% max
  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo: 7.2km, 7.6% avg, 18% max!!

Yikes! We've been handicapping this race bit by bit this week, but it's all guesswork until we see how the likes of DiLuca and Cunego can go over a stage such as this.