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15° Tappa ... LIVE!

Heeeeeere we go!

Gilberto Simoni, FYI, is a 3.4 to 1 favorite to win today's stage, equal in odds to the field (i.e. everyone not already listed). Danilo DiLuca is 4.1 to 1; Piepoli 7.5/1; ~:> 9/1 (sucker's bet), and everyone else 10/1 or worse.

Making Simoni a slight favorite may have to do with his inability to close out a stage win lately, as well as DiLuca's rather uncanny ability to do so. I'd say Simoni is a heavy favorite, DiLuca's best day Sunday is one where he's equal to the task, not leaving Simoni in his wake. I'll also venture a guess that Simoni will go hard on the steep Passo Giau and try to stay away from there. Doubtful the action will be on the Passo di San Pellegrino, though if anyone's hurting there, they're cooked.

I'll take Simoni for the stage, he's determined. Hopefully il Killer will limit his losses.

Remember! No today; go to CyclingFans for the RAI link.