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Sacchetto de Riposto

Grand Tour rest days always bring a slew of where-are-we-now articles, which I'm about to write in a minute. But there's been some other writing the last few days worth checking out.

  • CN looks back over how we got here, for those three or four cycling fans who decided to take a pass on the Giro up to now.
  • VN says what a lot of us are thinking: we should have known about Danilo DiLuca. Shorter Anthony Tan: DiLuca wants it more.
  • Pez is heading home (WTF?) but has an update on Toto's food theater pic and Elisa Basso's condition before departing.
  • Vlad Karpets sealed the deal at Catalunya yesterday. He's targeting the Tour now. Why not?
  • Off the bike, required reading is CyclingNews' feature Chipping Away at Omerta. A more polished way of saying what I was getting at a couple days ago as to why last week was a positive event. You get what you pay for here. [Wait, CN is free too... moving right along...]
  • As for the fallout, CN's notes have Zabel's place with Milram up for discussion; announcement coming soon. They also get some reaction to Riis' press conference.
  • h/t Monty... and then there's this: