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Monte Zoncolan Open Thread

After (by my estimate) 120 posts on the Giro d'Italia, I think I might be all talked out. It pretty much comes down to whether or not anyone can overcome DiLuca on tomorrow's climb, at least to the extent that Saturday's time trial comes back into relevance. At times like this, there seems little left to do but set the alarm for 5am... and wait.

The graphic above tells you just about all you need to know about the decisive stage, except for the previous 130km not shown, which won't exactly be relaxing. But one thing I've noted is that the peloton is capable of piano stages, and that the time gaps in the big stages have been pretty down-to-Earth... which optimists like me will interpret as meaning there are no "extra terrestrials" blowing open the race. And which means, nobody in their right mind will be trying anything before the final climb.

Predictions? Impressions?