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The New Cycling.TV Portal

Anthony wrote a comment in another thread in response to questions people had, and I thought it was important enough to move to a full post. To wit:

The new portal

Hello, I hope all of you at the Podium Cafe are good.  I felt I had to add a comment here to try and help you all.

We have launched the new portal after 8 months of development, research and thought.  The improvements and new additions were made as a result of a viewer survey and a collection of all the suggestions made by you our viewers during 2006.  So areas where you can click a tab and see the pro teams and link to their websites, a community (the inner tube) race maps, profiles on all the races.  It is all there, hundreds of pages linked to give you all the information you need to watch a race and learn about the sport.

It does take some time to find the important parts and get used to where they are.  But let me just point you in the direction of two so that I can answer some of your concerns in this thread:

At the top of the player there is a live events tab.  When you click there it gives you a comprehensive run down of all our live races (something that has always been missing) and where we have been able to, the start time.  Sometimes we cannot give you the start time until a few days before as the host broadcaster does not give them to all the tv companies until a few days before and we want to show the entire race coverage!

Secondly, I notice some password issues?  As part of the migration to the new portal we have had to set all your passwords to a universal one.  You now have an account which is unique to you and shows what subscriptions you have etc.  So all you need to do when you get to CTV, is log in, use your user name and the password cyclingtv.   Then change your password to one you will remember.

On live streaming, we may during Romandie have to drop to 400 purely to accomodate all the password changes etc but we are doing this to keep you all on and watching prior to ramping up back to 800 and beyond for the Giro.

I hope this helps.  Finally, Ian you keep mentioning mac problems and customer service, can you let me know the main issues and I will try and get a resolution for you.

Enjoy Romandie everyone - I am heading to Sardinia for the Giro and look forward to talking to you on Versus.  Hope this helps.