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Housekeeping Notes and Open Thread

The big story of the weekend will be stage 4 of the Tour of Romandie, scheduled to run live at something like 5:45 am PDT Saturday morning on Cycling.TV. This will not only be a spectacular race, but a good chance for people (incl me) to tinker with the new Cycling.TV setup in advance of the Giro d'Italia.

Meanwhile, according to our amigos at, the Vuelta a Asturias will be offering its own live video Saturday of, you guessed it... the queen stage of that race. I haven't lifted a finger for that race (another regional Spanish stage race?) but if you want to see luminaries like Oscar Sevilla (!), FJ Ventoso, Koldo Gil, etc., stop by tomorrow morning around 6am PDT.

Otherwise, while I want to show proper respect to an excellent Pro Tour race being run in Switzerland, I will nonetheless be adding touches to the site in preparation for the Giro. See the Race Results bar, for example. And Monday we will launch the Giro-Only Virtual Directeur Sportif Competition, open to all readers whether you are participating in the season-long VDS comp or not. Cheers!