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Breaking: Basso Confesses in Rome!

h/t R Mc and Lyne, and to PUK whose diary beat me to this by 10 minutes... an admission! No more guessing games about this case, at least:

From VN:

Italian cycling star Ivan Basso admitted to the anti-doping prosecutor of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) on Monday that he was involved in the Operación Puerto blood doping scandal.

Original reporting in Italian at La Gazzetta... headline: "Basso confessa e collabora". "Collabora"... sounds like he's willing to talk. Stay tuned.

Yet another Update [2007-5-7 15:19:11 by chris]:: ESPN/AP are reporting he isn't planning to name names.

"This kind of activity was carried out individually," the Italian cyclist's lawyer, Massimo Martelli, said in a telephone interview. "He never saw or heard of other riders" being involved.

Update [2007-5-7 14:25:35 by chris]: Now CN has it, with a few quotes.

Update [2007-5-7 13:37:52 by chris]: La Gazzetta is all over the story, with a main story and six sidebars including reactions. All in Italian, unfortunately, but words like "responsibility" and "conscience" are easy to spot. So are some others:*

  • Zomegnan: "a gesture of great courage"
  • Gianni Bugno: "for me this changes nothing."
  • Rebellin: Simoni, Cunego and Savoldelli are the favorites now. (duh)

*actual translation may vary