Giro d'Italia-Only Virtual Directeur Sportif

The Giro Contest will kick off this week. It is running side by side with the yearlong VDS so you can do both. Rules are similar to the Yearlong version but here is the skinny..

Build your team with any riders you want but you must have a total of 9 riders and there point value must not be over 40 points. the listing of the riders and their values can be found Here. If you prefer you can download the Excel spreadsheet from Giro Team Form.

Once you have built your team, email the team along with your Podium Cafe ID and the team name to Clydesdales email.

Point values for wins and stage placings will be the same as the Yearlong VDS contest and you can find them under the VDS resources on the right sidebar.

[editor's note, by chris] One place to start would be the CyclingFever Start List, which current VDS-leader DZI assures us is the most up-to-date version available. And to be clear, my takeaway message here would be: if you missed the year-long VDS, or if you screwed it up like me, don't miss this chance to make amends and win!