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Marching Orders

There's a lot to say about the upcoming Giro d'Italia, and I am in no way determined to do all the saying. I don't like to bug people about the diaries, but it's worth mentioning in times like this: if you want to take a chunk of the previewing upon yourself, go for it! Pick a stage, or a team, or some other aspect of the race that interests you, and write a diary entry about it -- all Giro matters will (most likely) be promoted to a post. Have you been to the Giro? Share your memoirs here. Want to make predictions? Obviously we'll be doing a collective thread on that later, but nothing is stopping you from going first. Whatever interests you. If you want to write but have too many thumbs, email me and I can help polish pieces. Can't find the time, or don't want to write? No problem, lurkers and commenters make things work here too. My interest here is just getting as many voices out there as we can. The Giro deserves nothing less. Thanks!