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WTF is "Attempted Doping?"

Apparently we're about to find out.

Other items from today's Ivan Basso confessorial:

  • "I am 'Birillo'." So now he'll forever be associated with his dog. What is it about dopers and their pets?
  • He did work with Fuentes, but although they drew blood Basso claims he never got around to reinjecting it. Hence, the conspiracy to dope but no actual doping."All my victories were obtained in an honest manner and nobody can contest what I achieved in the 2006 Giro d'Italia no more than the other results I achieved during my career."
  • He will serve his suspension and come back, hoping he won't be labeled a doper when he does since he didn't, you know, finish the job.
  • The money quote: "There is talk about how I am a repenter, or a collaborator. I want to clarify that I was not asked about the other people involved, further, I don't know of riders or other people involved."

Why does a guy who is already capable of winning the Giro by nine minutes collaborate with a doping doc and scuttle his career in the process? At least generally discredited guys like Franck Vandenbroucke presumably got the benefit of the substances they were convicted of abusing. If Basso is to be believed, he destroyed his career for substances he didn't remotely need. It's like a billionaire going to jail for cheating on his taxes. What a stupid, stupid waste.