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Sacchetto del Giorno

Yep, the season's most appetizing feedbag is back...salumi, anyone?

  • Back to the non-doping world, annual protagonist Serhiy Honchar is out with a cold.
  • On the historical side, CyclingRevealed has a broad perspective which they do like no other. They'll be doing daily wraps all throughout the race, as usual. Pez, meanwhile, reminisces about 1998.
  • With the defending champion on vacation, the number 1 goes to World Champion Paolo Bettini. No word on whether he'll find a place in his kit for some pink, to match the rainbow and gold and tricolore. Now that would be some wearable art.
  • If anyone can find two things for me, I'd be grateful: 1) the age limit for the maglia blanca, and a white jersey icon I can use for the race results box. Actually, all the icons need updating. Thanks!
  • should have added your Versus account by now, according to their self-imposed deadline. Mine's there. Now all I have are transmission problems. As always, email if it's still messed up.

Did I miss anything this morning?