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UCI: Give Confessed Dopers Amnesty?

According to wire reports, the UCI is mulling a proposal that will give amnesty from the UCI's penalty policy to any rider who voluntarily confesses doping, and who isn't already protected from punishment by the eight-year limitation on prosecuting violations. The thinking is that Cycling is benefiting enough from the recent soul-cleansing to warrant foregoing punishing the violators.

There's some merit to this, in that Cycling only recently got serious about calling doping a problem and was to some degree complicit in the problem, at least in the 90s. The problem is that amnesty from the UCI isn't always enough. IMHO, what keeps Ivan Basso from confessing to more than just attempted doping are potential fraud sanctions. Again, this isn't my bailiwick, but if he won the Giro on false pretenses, I suspect there's a cause of action to make him return the money, and maybe his salary as well. Until whatever legal system gives them complete immunity, I doubt you will see top level riders confessing to doping in recent events that they won.