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One tiny gripe...

Let me start off by saying, I've loved this year's Giro.  Every day has been exciting, and tomorrow's tt should help shake up the top 10 a bit.  One thing I'm tired of though is uphill time trials.  All the grand tours recently have seemed to add one, always at the expense of the long and flat TT's.  Personally I like to see the TT studs, have a shot at the podium.  I would also like to see the GC guys have to hone their skills against the clock just like Hinault, LeMond and Armstrong did.  These uphill TT's followed by short 40km TT's really don't give the Dave Z's and Cancellara's of the world a fair shake.  


Uphill TT's

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  • 75%
    1. Sick of them, bring back the long grueling 50km tt's.
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  • 25%
    2. Big fan. Give the climbers their day in the sun.
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